5 Reasons Why You Should Take Up Badminton

Did you know that a badminton player can cover twice the distance covered by a tennis player in the same duration of play? Most people taking up badminton are surprised at how intense the game can get. This is the hidden truth about badminton, that it is a highly exciting game that can deliver plenty in physical and mental health benefits. Have a look at a few benefits that should motivate you to take up badminton.

Lots of fun

Badminton is easy to pick up and start with the pros in a short time. The game’s fast short play means that there is never a dull moment on the court. You can play the game in doubles to make it more exciting and engaging.

Fast and furious

The shuttlecock whizzes to and fro at speeds over 150 mph. returning those kinds of shots requires high alertness and very good coordination. It may look daunting to the uninitiated but once you start dancing around the court, you do not feel like stopping.

Better eye to hand coordination

It takes a good eye to approximate the exact instant to hit a fast moving shuttlecock. You will develop better eye to hand coordination as returning these incoming shots becomes muscle memory. Your overall reflexes are improved as the shuttlecock flies to different corners of your side of the court, which requires fast and random side to side and front to back movements.

Cardiovascular fitness

A 150 pound person playing 30 minutes of badminton will burn at least 270 calories. This is for social play. Ion professional competitions, players burn a staggering 500 calories an hour. This is the equivalent of running flat out for 30 minutes. Regular badminton improves your heart’s ability to pump blood at high heartbeats and improves your lungs’ functioning. Overall, you build endurance in both the upper and lower body as you run around the court.

Mental benefits

An intense game of badminton takes your mind off the day’s stresses as you focus on the game. You become mentally engaged as you make calculations on where to position on your side of the court and gauge your opponent’s tactics.

A good game of badminton will leave you feeling good about yourself and more confident in your body’s image for better self-esteem. It also triggers the release of a good dose of endorphins which are feel good hormones that bring on a natural high.

You can take up badminton at a nearby club.  You will make friends, have fun and stay fit playing this exciting game.

How to Buy a Badminton Shuttlecock

The badminton shuttlecock also called the birdie is the projectile that is hit by the players during play.  Birdies come in basically two types; those using natural materials i.e. leather and natural feathers and those made of synthetic material i.e. plastic cork and nylon feathers.   When buying a shuttlecock you have to consider what type of shuttlecock and where you will be playing badminton.

Types of badminton shuttlecock

The make of a shuttle will determine how well it can fly and its durability. Shuttlecocks come in 2 types:

  • Feather shuttlecock

This shuttlecock has a cork covered by genuine leather. The feathers on the other end are from a goose or duck. The feathers must always come from the left wing. Badminton players claim that the genuine feather shuttlecock flies better and achieves better speed.

The biggest disadvantage of this type of shuttlecock is poor durability. The genuine feathers get brittle very fast and breakdown. For repeated play, the feathers have to be moistened.

  • Nylon shuttlecocks

This type of shuttlecock has a plastic cork and the feathers are made of synthetic nylon. These shuttlecocks are more durable. Their misgiving is that they fly poorly and don’t make a good sound against the racquet.

Shuttle speed

This is the feel of a shuttlecock, how far and fast it can fly. A fast shuttle can fly a long distance while a slow shuttle flies a short distance. Shuttle speed depends on 3 things;

  • Temperature – A shuttlecock flies slower in colder temperatures
  • Altitude – A shuttle flies better in higher areas

Shuttles are classified by numbers to show how well it will fly in different weather and altitude.

  • 75- A slow shuttle for use in very hot areas
  • 76- A slightly slow shuttle for use in hot areas at high altitudes
  • 77 – A moderate speed shuttle for use at sea level in fine weather
  • 78- A quite fast shuttle for use in cold countries below sea level
  • 79- A fast shuttle for use in very cold countries below sea level

Skill level

If you are starting out in badminton, it is better to use fast shuttles in the beginning as they will go further and help you master the correct strokes.  If you are an experienced badminton player and you are playing with a skilled group, use a standard speed shuttle.


Like all other items, pricier shuttles are more durable and of higher quality than low priced shuttles. Strike a balance between price and quality by going for relatively unknown brands that are trying to make a name in the market with good quality shuttles.

Simple rules that make badminton a great game

Simple rules that make badminton a great game 

Just like any other game, it is important that you learn the rules of badminton in order to excel and enjoy the game. The rules are also applied when there is a dispute in the game that has to be settled. Here are some basic rules to get you started in the wonderful game.

The aim of the game is to hit the shuttlecock with the racket so hard that it passes across the net that separates you and the opponent and falls onto the opponent’s side. In this, you win a rally. If you win enough rallies, you will be on your way to winning the match.

The rally is won when the opponent hits the shuttle into the net, out of the court or under the net. You also win the rally when the opponent fails to hit the shuttle after it has landed in his or her half of the coat. The rally is over once the badminton shuttle touches the ground.

You must only hit the shuttle once before sending it over the net. This is unlike games like volleyball where the ball can be hit up to three times before being sent over the net.

Competitive badminton is played indoors. However, you can play badminton in the yard or at the beach. However, there is a high likelihood that the shuttle will be blown off by the wind in the course of the game.

Manufacturers have created different types of badminton shuttlecocks for different altitudes as well as speeds. Beginners would be best suited to play with light shuttlecocks while experienced players can use the heavier ones. Moreover, using the shuttle with the right attitude rating also helps with speed and stability of the shuttle.

Serving and scoring

When the opponent has won an even number of points, you serve and receive in the right service court. However, if the opponent has scored an odd number of points, you should do the serving and receiving in the left service court.

When the opponent makes a fault, or he allows the shuttle to touch the ground on his side, you serve and score a point. However, if you make a fault or the ball touches the floor on your side, no points are scored, but the serving right is transferred to the opponent.

Badminton is a great game both for competitive sport and as a part-time activity. Always follow the rules and you will find the game enjoyable.

Badminton shuttle

Choosing a perfect Badminton shuttle

The Badminton shuttle is important in the experience and the quality of the badminton game. The badminton shuttle comes in two main types; feather and synthetic type. The feather type of the shuttle comes from either the goose or the duck’s left wing.  It is not clear why the manufacturers use only the left feather to make the shuttle.

Some shuttles are very light and fly very fast and far. However, other shuttles feel heavy and do not go far. This is referred to as shuttle’s speed. It is very important that you choose the right speed of the shuttle. Otherwise, you may be blaming the manufacturer of providing poor quality badminton shuttles.

Other factors the affect the shuttle

The shuttlecock’s speed is affected by altitude, temperature, and humidity. This means that one type of shuttlecock may fly very well in Canada may not do well in China. The shuttle is faster in hot weather.

The shuttlecock’s speed can also be classified in different altitude ranges. The category in which the cock is recommended for use is indicated with a sticker placed on the cock. The speed of the shuttle is higher on higher grounds.

The speed of 75 means slow and is to be used in countries that are very hot. Speed 76 is quite slow and generally used in hot regions around the world. Speed 77 is the moderate speed and generally used in hot areas. Shuttlecocks of speeds 78 and 79 are manufactured for the cold countries, with 79 being for the extremely cold countries.

Most of the young players prefer shuttlecocks that fly fast and far. It helps them hit the shuttlecock from one baseline to the other. These shuttlecocks are also recommended for beginners in the game. If the shuttle is combined with correct stroke, it can fly quite faster and very far.

As for the durability of the badminton shuttle, look for quality brands in the market such as Yonex. In fact, shuttlecocks made of high quality materials are durable and their flight trajectory and stability is better than the rest.

However, the very expensive shuttlecocks can be too expensive to keep replacing especially if you are a frequent badminton player. However, you can increase the longevity of your feather shuttlecocks by the following methods.

Open your shuttlecock on both ends and store in a high humidity but cool area. Keep the shuttles for about two days before playing them. You can also immerse the feathers in lukewarm water for five to ten seconds and keep them wet overnight.