How to Save Even More Money in a Flatshare Manchester

The whole point of getting into a flatshare Manchester  arrangement is to save money, so if you can save on expenses other than the rent, so much the better. There are several ways in which you can save money as a group, and there are ways to cut down on personal expenditure. This starts by finding the right house and flat mates that share your goals of saving. How can you save in a flatshare Manchester rental arrangement?

Live with older mates

if you are a student living with fellow students, your spending power is on the same level. But if you choose to live with slightly older working class mates, it is likely they will cut you some slack in exchange of your labours, for example, doing the dishes. You can live with a couple and offer to be a housekeeper when they are away on vacation, in exchange for very low or free rent.

Save on food

Food will form a substantial part of your monthly expenditure. There are extremely affordable food chains like Aldi where you will get items at almost half the price at the supermarkets.   Avoid shopping for your food at the supermarket express shops. You will find prices are almost one and half times what ordinary supermarkets are asking.

Learn to buy your food in bulk as you get better prices that way, and it is easier to plan your menus rather than relying in impromptu daily menus. If you have the time, try the Farmers’ market where you will get fresh groceries for really cheap prices.

Learn to mix and match packed and fresh stuff. Instead of butcher’s beef, you can opt for sausages and vegetables, or offal. Be on the lookout for discounts and sales offers on food stuffs, which are common when supermarkets are clearing stuff that is nearing end of shelf-life.

Rent out the living room

If your rent agreement has leeway to do so, convert the living room into an extra bedroom that can be rented out. You can then share this rent with the flat mates, or have it go towards settling your bills.

Cheap commute

If your route does not have mad traffic and is safe for cycling, get a bike for the commute. You can also opt to walk if you are living a distance that is under 2 miles from your place of work or school.

Sharing is caring

It does not make sense to buy a whole pack of sausages only for it to spoil. Learn to share with your Flatshare Manchester mates with the favour returned once in a while.