Badminton shuttle

Badminton shuttle

Choosing a perfect Badminton shuttle

The Badminton shuttle is important in the experience and the quality of the badminton game. The badminton shuttle comes in two main types; feather and synthetic type. The feather type of the shuttle comes from either the goose or the duck’s left wing.  It is not clear why the manufacturers use only the left feather to make the shuttle.

Some shuttles are very light and fly very fast and far. However, other shuttles feel heavy and do not go far. This is referred to as shuttle’s speed. It is very important that you choose the right speed of the shuttle. Otherwise, you may be blaming the manufacturer of providing poor quality badminton shuttles.

Other factors the affect the shuttle

The shuttlecock’s speed is affected by altitude, temperature, and humidity. This means that one type of shuttlecock may fly very well in Canada may not do well in China. The shuttle is faster in hot weather.

The shuttlecock’s speed can also be classified in different altitude ranges. The category in which the cock is recommended for use is indicated with a sticker placed on the cock. The speed of the shuttle is higher on higher grounds.

The speed of 75 means slow and is to be used in countries that are very hot. Speed 76 is quite slow and generally used in hot regions around the world. Speed 77 is the moderate speed and generally used in hot areas. Shuttlecocks of speeds 78 and 79 are manufactured for the cold countries, with 79 being for the extremely cold countries.

Most of the young players prefer shuttlecocks that fly fast and far. It helps them hit the shuttlecock from one baseline to the other. These shuttlecocks are also recommended for beginners in the game. If the shuttle is combined with correct stroke, it can fly quite faster and very far.

As for the durability of the badminton shuttle, look for quality brands in the market such as Yonex. In fact, shuttlecocks made of high quality materials are durable and their flight trajectory and stability is better than the rest.

However, the very expensive shuttlecocks can be too expensive to keep replacing especially if you are a frequent badminton player. However, you can increase the longevity of your feather shuttlecocks by the following methods.

Open your shuttlecock on both ends and store in a high humidity but cool area. Keep the shuttles for about two days before playing them. You can also immerse the feathers in lukewarm water for five to ten seconds and keep them wet overnight.