What to Expect From End of Tenancy Cleaning London

What to Expect From End of Tenancy Cleaning London

When you are moving out of your current tenancy, end of tenancy cleaning is the last task that you have to do to restore the house in good shape. This is necessary to get your tenancy deposit back. The cleaning must pass the landlord’s inspection otherwise he will realize a dispute for a shoddy job and withhold the tenancy deposit. That is why you have to be aware of the bare minimum that an end of tenancy cleaning service is supposed to handle for a passable job.

End of tenancy cleaning London requires you clean the whole house and leave it almost as you found it as shown in the moving in inventory report.

  • Cleaning the living room

This area of the home sees more foot traffic as it is the meeting of family members and guests. It will have more debris and dirt to handle. Food crumbs, pet dander, ink stains and so on are to be expected in the living room. Cleaning in the living room involves cleaning the soft and hard furnishing including the upholstery, cleaning the carpet, wiping and polishing the windows, wiping down the chrome and glass surfaces.

  • Cleaning the kitchen

The kitchen will have more grease and oil stains to deal with. Cleaning it should include degreasing the oven and scraping off any accumulated grime. It also involves clearing and cleaning the fridge, cleaning the cutlery and utensils, and mopping the floor as well as clearing any stains on it.

  • Cleaning the bathroom

Soap scum, lime scale and hairs should be cleared off any surfaces in the bathroom. The showerhead and water faucets should be cleared off accumulated lime scale. Soap scum should be cleaned off the bathroom tile wall and floor, and drain holes should be cleared off trapped hairs and other debris. The toilet bowl and seat should be cleaned and disinfected. The mirrors in the bathroom should be cleaned and polished.

  • Cleaning the bedroom

Dirt can accumulate unnoticed in the bedroom under the bed and other furniture. Cleaning this area should involve vacuuming under the bed, and other carpets and rugs. Any cabinets in the house should be cleared and cleaned. The window curtains should be cleaned and vacuumed as well as the window panes getting wiped down and polished.

  • Cleaning the other areas

These include the hallways, stairs and landings as well as the veranda and driveway outside. The foot traffic areas should be vacuumed and cleared off any stains including hand marks and fingerprints on the walls and sockets. For a standalone unit, there are areas to work on the outside including the veranda and garden.